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Welcome my blog.

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Latest from the Blog

How I would like to develop my career

Hello world! My name is Ava, and I’m interested in many things. Let me tell you about the ones that keep coming again and again. My areas of interest Computer Science – I love learning about imaginative algorithms and data structures solving real-world problems. I just like the endorphins rush that you get than you…

Modifying expectations

It has been 9 weeks since I started my internship in Mozilla Firefox. The bad news was that I fell ill. Sick days I was sitting in the train working on my laptop, when suddenly I felt dizzy and sick. I thought that I wish I was lying in bed right now. All my plans…

So, what do you do at Mozilla Firefox?

Now, then somebody asks me what is my occupation, I say I do changes for Mozilla Firefox Desktop browser. People have different reaction to it. Most say: – Oh, sound good! One guy told me: -I really hate Mozilla! Nobody ever told me they never heard about Mozilla Firefox browser before. In case you are…

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